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Fatherhood heritage history

Jerusalem Ministries Birmingham is dedicated to preserving the rich history and cultural heritage. In today's fast-paced world, it is essential to ensure that the heritage of men, steeped in oral traditions, is not forgotten but cherished and shared. This is why the Fatherhood Heritage Oral History project, generously funded by the The National Lottery Heritage Fund, has become an imperative step in connecting the younger generations with the vibrant cultural tapestry of Africa.

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our Mission

The National Lottery Heritage Fund support has empowered us to embark on a remarkable journey, delving into the depths of oral history to uncover the narratives, traditions, and wisdom of the men from African cultures. Through this project, we are creating a bridge that links the heritage of fathers and grandfathers with the aspirations and dreams of their sons and daughters. This initiative is not just about remembering our past; it is about building a legacy for the future.

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Fatherhood heritage

our Vision

By preserving and sharing this heritage, we offer our children and youth the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of their roots, the customs that shaped their families, and the cultures that define their identities. It is a chance for them to grasp the wealth of knowledge embedded in the stories, songs, and rituals passed down through generations. This connection to their heritage cultivates a sense of belonging and pride, fostering a strong sense of self, and instilling values that will guide them throughout their lives.

Furthermore, the Fatherhood Heritage Oral History project aims to transcend geographical boundaries and cultural borders. Thanks to the generous support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, our work can be disseminated across various platforms, making this treasure trove of African culture accessible to people from diverse backgrounds. By doing so, we contribute to global cultural understanding, fostering appreciation for the rich and diverse heritage of Africa.

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